Be amazed by our ancient and historical natural caves, today converted into the XUQ LOMAS DE RUVIRA RESORT, located in an impressive Protected Natural Environment, the “Hoces del Río Júcar”. Cozy, magical, surprising and bioclimatic, that’s how our Cave Suites are and together with them, celebrate outdoor life in our XUQ LANDSCAPE CLUB. You are going to discover a unique place, imperfectly beautiful with hundreds of perfect environments to live a getaway that is a dream.


Each Cave Suite is a small museum as picturesque as it is singular and alternative, a stage suspended in time, where the old and the new have another opportunity to meet again, coexist without prejudice, preserving the essence of the authentic, enhancing the origins and producing a brutal connection with the environment.

Each suite is unique, nothing is repeated here, ours is another roll. Have we already said that we are a lot of “chic and black” timeless, natural and tasteful above all?

Cushions huddle together, knits intertwine, blankets here, blankets there … The latest in furniture and décor? As well.

From here we have breakfast for each other, we savor the seasons, we hallucinate with the best views, we discover the sound of silence, we dive into the Júcar and we lose ourselves on trails to later meet again, here everything is natural and nature.


We know that you are not satisfied with just any place, that you are looking for that secluded place, that it is not just another getaway, that it is THE EXPERIENCE, that it leaves its mark and that above all you cannot avoid RETURNING. This is the magic of a new concept in rural tourism, this is XUQ LOMAS DE RUVIRA. Where every night you dream to be.


At XUQ we want to offer you something different. Each accommodation is a small museum. Stays and experiences difficult to forget, NATURE, GASTRONOMY, ART AND CULTURE…, at XUQ WE DESIGN YOUR NEXT EXPERIENCE.

Awaken your senses and let yourself go.